Finished Dragon

Here is the finished dragon puppet for Cory Godbey. In the images below you’ll see the little details in the character, my favorite being the little dandelion he is holding, just like in the design.


dragon dandelion

dragon back

dragon teeth

dragon eyes


What a fun and amazing project this was! It was truly an honor to be able to work with Cory–I’m constantly inspired by his illustrations and the rich and beautiful work that comes out of Portland Studios.

11 thoughts on “Finished Dragon

  1. Absolutely incredible talent! It makes me think there might really be something to fairytales that talk of the “magical” beings that dragons are. You are VERY gifted. If it were me I would almost hate to give this one away.

  2. Oops, please delete the first post, it gave me an error when I posted, said something like “you’ve already posted this comment.” 😀

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