Pete and Penelope


It feels like forever since I last updated this blog. 2014 was a whirlwind of a year with lots of crazy activity–both personally and professionally. But the Thistledown Puppets blog is now back for 2015–and with an amazing new project! Thistledown Puppets has been tasked with building the puppets for a new television show that is in development called Pete and Penelope– created by Adam Bush and Stephen Posey. This show, featuring puppets, will be geared toward preschool kids with the goal of helping them develop character and their Emotional Quotient. This from P&P creator Adam Bush:

“Our show is all about helping kids develop great character. Throughout the show we’ll deal with themes like being kind to each other, controlling our emotions (even when we’re upset), and making the decision to be happy even when things aren’t going our way. There’s no better way to tackle character development then to create two characters who embody the true character of little boys and girls all over the world.”


Adam and Stephen have been developing the concept for this show for over a year (check out their blog) and now it’s time to bring the characters to three dimensional life. I’ve begun the preliminary work of doing character turnarounds and developing patterns and such. In subsequent posts, I’ll introduce you to the characters and give you access to the workshop, letting you follow along as the puppets come to life. Happy New Year and stay tuned!

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