Thistledown puppets (and puppet parts) for sale! PRICE REDUCED

Most people do Spring cleaning, but here at Thistledown Puppets, we do Summer cleaning. As part of that, and to make room in the constantly expanding workshop, we’re selling several puppets. This is your chance to own a Thistledown puppet at a fraction of the cost. Below is the breakdown for each–if you are interested in any of them please e-mail me at and I’ll be happy to send you a PayPal invoice and discuss shipping details.

1) A large girl puppet with one live hand. This puppet includes two costumes–one sweater and one pajama shirt. This character was used in Give: A Puppet Musical, produced here in Roanoke a couple of Christmases ago. (This girl and the following boy can also be sold as a set for $900)

2) A large boy puppet with one glove hand. This puppet also comes with two costumes–one shirt and one pajama shirt (custom sweater not for sale). This puppet was also used in Give: A Puppet Musical. (Can be sold with the above girl puppet as a set for $900).

3) A cat puppet. This was the Alley Cat from Give: A Puppet Musical. He has one glove hand and an intentional “shabby” or “mangy” look.

4) A smaller redheaded boy puppet. This puppet includes arm rods and one costume.

5) An owl puppet. This little guy was used in our “Countdown to Harry Potter” YouTube video several years ago.

6) A puppet head. This head is the same size as the redhead boy puppet. It was intended to be created as a companion, but we never got around to completing it. All you would need to do is build a body with arms and maybe add a hair feature and this puppet would be ready to go.

7) A box of vinyl scraps. There are three solid colors (about a half yard of two, a quarter yard of gray) and two “snakeskin” colors (about one yard of each). These scraps are sold as one box–not separately.

I will sell these on a first come-first serve basis, so get in touch as soon as you can!

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